VIDEO 1989 OWO1 Yamaha full-on at the Classic TT

Watch this video of a 1989 OWO1 Yamaha full-on at the Classic TT Races, this year.

The bike Manxman Dan Kneen is riding is the late ’80s bike in Valvoline Padgett’s colours.

Make sure you turn the volume up loud for this one, the majority of the video has the bike on the ragged edge, machine-wise. Kneen rides it beautifully (he had a best lap of 120.4mph for an overall finish in the race of 9th on the still-original spec bike) and there’s nothing sweeter sounding than this 750cc four-stroke battling around the Mountain Course.


And yep, this is the same type of bike that Carl Fogarty rode when he took on Steve Hislop in the greatest ever TT race, the 1992 Senior. Foggy’s bike was prepped and run by Rob McElnea’s squad and wore Loctite colours, Hizzy’s bike was a white Norton rotary that sounded like it wasn’t going to last one lap, let alone the six it needed to (and did) in order to win that race.

But don’t worry about that now, just hit play and turn up the volume. It’s glorious.