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TT time again – put aside all you know about speed.

Hello and welcome to Island Racer 2015.

As us fans of real roads racing know very well, this time of year leaves us knocking on the door of another amazing event over the Mountain course – and after what happened last year, this year’s Isle of Man TT could well be the most incredible ever witnessed.

The racing world is still buzzing from the events of 2014. Michael Dunlop’s storming performances on the big BMW, a battered John McGuinness proving his real desire by hiding the extent of his injury (should rivals take heart from the fact that for a short period of time the King was off his game?), the rise of more fast youths through the ranks like Dean Harrison and then there was THAT lap by Bruce Anstey.

Yeah, THAT lap – 132.298mph set in the final moments of the final race of last year. A glorious moment of Mountain magic that took what we all knew about the form book and threw it away.

Bruce is one of the all-time greats of the TT

Bruce is one of the all-time greats of the TT and, as it is for all those who carry the mantle of ‘great’ of racing on The Island, when the planets line up and everything is on for a fast lap then he has the ability to deliver. Last year we saw just what can happen when those planets fall right and one of the fastest riders ever has the right bike underneath them.

They go fast. They go really, really fast. And this year, just like last, if conditions, bike, tyres and the Mountain course decide to combine at the right time then we’re likely to see something magical once again.

We live in a time of monumental achievements on two wheels and we’re very fortunate to bear witness to a raft of riders, young and more seasoned, who have the ability to make the most of what’s available at the right time.

Now, let’s see what they can do.

Have a safe and fast TT.

Tony Carter

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