IR2016001Island Racer 2016 is the ultimate guide to this year’s TT. The edition includes:

– John McGuinness, the fastest man ever around the The Mountain course
– Ivan Lintin, Ian Hutchinson, Bruce Anstey and Ben Birchall
– The complete TT 2016 Who’s Who
– The Watcher’s Guide
– A massive TT multi-part poster
– FREE Duke DVD including THAT John McGuinness lap from the 2015 Senior race, worth £14.99


Island Racer 2016 is expected to be on sale by early/mid-May and will be in shops in the weeks leading up to the event which begins on May 28. You can pre-order your copy now though and ensure it reaches you at the earliest possible opportunity.


View a clip from the DVD below

Buy Island Racer here.